A solution to improve transport efficiency

Technology is an ally to facilitate relations between transporters and carriers. Our platform Carriby by HTG makes transport processes faster and more profitable. The high availability of vehicle enables lets both parties to find a rapid solution to their needs.

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We bring together companies who want to ship with
carriers who have space in their vehicles

HTG Express guarantee, a benchmark in industrial transportation

The project is endorsed by HTG Express. This company, specialised in urgent industrial door-to-door transport, has incorporated technological solutions in recent years that have improved its activity. This knowledge and experience has been applied to Carriby's development.

A platform which is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

One of the great advantages of this service is that there are no time limitations. With this online tool you can manage shipments at any time and day of the year. You only have to access the platform and find the most suitable option to make a delivery or load a vehicle.

Transport automation to help improve numbers

Carriby simplifies and facilitates delivery management thanks to our highly automated process. The availability of real-time information helps companies to be more efficient in their shipping operations, while the carriers reduce empty kilometres by optimising their transportation.

Start improving the performance
of your vehicles and drivers now



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