Avoid empty kilometres and earn more on every transport

One of the priorities for every carrier is to limit empty kilometres as much as possible and get the most out of each vehicle. That is why Carriby is a great tool. Thanks to a search system that filters by geographical location and volume of goods, you can load or complete a load for your vehicles all over Europe. This makes it easier for you to improve your revenue.

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Avoid empty
kilometres and earn
more on every trip

One of the priorities for every transporter is to limit empty kilometres as much as possible and get the most out of each vehicle. And thanks to that, Carriby is a great support tool. Thanks to a cargo search system by areas and volumes you can load or fill up vehicles all over Europe. In this way, you will easily improve your revenue.

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Benefits for the carrier


Find out instantly about each new offer

You can configure alerts based on factors such as geographical location or volume of goods. You will then receive alterts informing you of cargos that may be of interest to you.


Talk to the customer in your language

The platform enables direct contact with companies needing goods delivered. To speed up communication between both parties, there is a multilingual chat with the main languages of European countries.


Free fleet management system

The platform has its own free fleet management system. In this way, if you have several vehicles on the system, you can control their location, without even having a Carriby service in progress.


Payment is always guaranteed

Carriby provides a full guarantee of payment for the carriers. The support of an established company like HTG Express, with over 20 years of experience in express transportation, guarantees our financial reliability.


Administration services

The entire process is managed online. It is highly practical and convenient, with no paperwork involved. It's only necessary to upload the required transport documentation to the platform and the shipment is automatically invoiced.


Includes shipment tracking app

Geolocate your drivers using our application. It tracks the entire shipment and provides useful information : from the moment the vehicle arrives at the loading point until the goods have been delivered.